Five Turrets Handwoven
Banana Drama

Within this snug infinity scarf is woven a wee taste of the tropics.  The soft, deep burgundy warp is made of banana fibre.  (It isn’t a fibre I’ve used much so far but it is beautifully soft and strong and whenever more of it comes my way I’ll snap it up.) 


The weft is single skein of Irish craft yarn from S Twist Wool. It’s made up of mixed mountain fleece and is dyed in rusts and mauves.  The weaving pattern is Swedish lace which adds even more texture to the already textured yarn. 


It will wrap twice and fits snuggly to keep you warm on the coldest of days. I have left short fringe when hand stitching the fabric into an infinity scarf.

Banana Drama

  • Banana fibre and Irish mountain wool

    I recommend a gentle hand wash in warm water and dry flat