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Autumn in the Scottish Borders

Looking for somewhere to make the most of the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness?

Autumn's finally here and the leaves are turning. Time to get out and about to drink in those colours. And where better than the Scottish Borders? It's beautiful out there and one of the best places has to be the Bowhill estate just outside Selkirk. This was the lower loch this morning: a few more days and the tree will be a riot of colour. Keep an eye out for red squirrels: one darted across the path and bolted up a tree just a couple of hundred yards from the house.

Another great spot for autumn colour is The Haining, just a stone's throw from Selkirk town centre. Take a walk around the loch on the new paths laid through the woods and enjoy the views.

A few miles down the road Scott's View is also looking good; it's one of the most famous scenic spots in the Scottish Borders for good reason. The view from the opposite bank at Old Melrose is also well worth exploring as the trees colour up.

And finally, this is one private view that we love to share: The Five Turrets in Selkirk from our own garden. Looking for somewhere to stay to enjoy those views? We've got a few days still available this month and more availability in November. Get in touch to talk about last minute deals: after all, it's not just leaves that drop in the autumn season.

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