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Dynamic Earth | Edinburgh

Travel back to the dawn of time

Copyright Dynamic Earth

What we like:

It's an interactive science museum, but a lot more fun than that sounds. Experience the Big Bang, volcanoes and earthquakes and the rainforest. And it's got a little iceberg.

In their own words:

"Travel back to the beginning of time in our Deep Time Machine and witness the big bang first hand. Rocket through the universe in a spaceship travelling billions of times faster than the speed of light and see stars explode on the other side of the galaxy. Feel the ground shudder as a molten lava flow speeds straight towards you and volcanoes throw clouds of ash and gas into the sky. The Polar ice caps are brought to within your reach giving you the chance to touch an iceberg for yourself. You can see your breath, smell the cold and feel your hands turning numb as you stand beneath the Aurora Borealis. Fly high above ice cold glaciers and marvel at their power as they carve out entire continents. From your dizzying height it’ll feel so real you could almost be there before your soar from the sky and dive beneath the ocean."

Good to know:

It's got Scotland's only 360 degree full dome film theatre and a serious surround sound system.

Contact them:

Where it is:

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