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Hadrian's Wall | Birdoswold Roman Fort

The longest continuous section of the Roman wall.

What we like:

There's a good clue-solving quest around what remains of the fort and an informative museum which includes stories of the Border reivers. Plenty of fun and games for children too.

In their own words:

"Here you can still see the remains of all of the Wall's defining features. Stand in awe as the longest remaining stretch of the Wall spans as far as your eye can see, and explore the ruins of the Roman fort, a turret and milecastle.
Delve into the story of the most famous Roman frontier with a new exhibition in the visitor centre. Get to grips with building bricks to find out how the Wall was constructed, check out some Roman artefacts, and gaze through a periscope to take in the view from the original height of Hadrian's Wall."

Good to know:

It's open all year round. Check ahead for on-day events - they sometimes have child-friendly demonstrations.

Contact them:

Where it is:

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