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How to make sure only the wedding cake is in tiers

Looking for somewhere special for your wedding guests to stay? The Five Turrets is the answer.

Planning a wedding in the Scottish Borders?

Looking for somewhere special for your guests?

Wow your family by suggesting they stay at The Five Turrets: top quality self-catering accommodation for up to eight people in four double bedrooms. Two can split into twins. There are some lovely places in town for breakfast or a restorative coffee.

Prices for a three night stay start at £750: that’s just £31.25 pp per night.

Whether you want to impress snooty Susan from school with your sense of style, or dump dreadful Aunt Doris as far away as possible, we’ve got something to knock their socks off.

And remember, a happy guest is a generous guest: one super-comfy night in the sort of place Disney princesses dream of could be the difference between yet another toaster and a contribution to that holiday in the Seychelles that’s top of the wedding list.

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