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Scotland begins at the border

You don't have to head for the Highlands for the real Scottish experience.

It's the question every tourist asks: where does the real Scotland start?

Where can I experience the majestic uplands and the lochs and the castles and the history and the tartan and the whisky? Must I really join the crowds thronging the Highlands?

The answer's very simple. The real Scotland starts at the border.

The Scottish Borders feature some of the most sensational scenery in the UK - breathtaking uplands and rolling lowlands, lochs and iconic rivers like the Tweed. There are castles and centuries of extraordinary history as one of the wildest and most contested parts of the British Isles.

The mills of the Borders are the home of Scottish tartan. The Borders Distillery is making the first Borders single malt whisky since 1837. It's all here and you're always welcome.

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