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Five Turrets Handwoven
Stained Glass

This unusual, warm winter scarf reminded me of stained glass windows as I was weaving it, hence the name. It’s perfect if you love a bright splash of colour when you are out. Even the chunky plaited fringes make a statement.

The warp is a mix of reds, yellow, pink and purple which have all been wound together giving it depth and texture. I’ve used a fine black wool yarn in both warp and weft which, when combined with “thick ‘n’ thin” weave structure  creates the window frame effect.

I loved weaving this one. Simple plain weave but so effective and the warp yarn was a scrap store find so I can guarantee you’ll never find anything like it anywhere else.

Stained Glass

  • 100% wool

    I recommend a gentle hand wash in warm water and dry outside

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