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Made in Scotland 

Welcome to Five Turrets Handwoven - sustainable weaving from the Scottish Borders studio of Carolynn Shaw.

Carolynn Shaw

Hi, I'm Carolynn Shaw and this is my shop.

I live in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders and started weaving in 2015 when I got my first four shaft Ashford table loom. I love all things fibre but I’m truly hooked on weaving.  I'm lucky enough to have my own home weaving studio to house my ever growing collection of looms, which now includes an 8 shaft Leclerc Colonial floor loom and a reclaimed Harris eight shaft table loom, amongst others.

I hope you like what you see in my shop. My craft is all about waste reduction and sustainability. Weaving is essentially interlocking warp and weft and my passion is to do that by combining unloved and surplus materials into one of a kind beautiful and useful cloth creations. Most of the yarns I use are Scrap Store or charity shop finds, mill ends and surplus stock. If I buy new, the emphasis is always on ethical production and from local spinners and dyers.


Wherever possible I have recorded the source and fibre content of the yarns I’ve used. However, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the fibre content of some. particularly when they are blends or novelty yarns from the Scrap Store or charity shops. These are referred to as ‘mixed fibres’ in the product information.


Selkirk's history as a centre of weaving dates back to 1767, with the establishment of the first mill. One hundred years later there were seven mills in the town, employing more than 1,000 people, and industrial weaving still survives in the town in the form of two working mills.

You can read more about the latest additions to my shop by following me on Instagram and Facebook.

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