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Northern Experience Wildlife Tours | Northumberland

Wildlife safaris around the Kielder Forest and the Northumberland coast

What we like:

There's a selection of safaris taking in the wildlife of Northumberland, but look out for their signature otter safaris.

In their own words:

"With spectacular wildlife including Black Grouse, Peregrine, Goshawk, Osprey, Roseate Tern, Grey Seal, Otter, Red Squirrel, Wild Goat, Roe Deer, Minke Whale and White-beaked Dolphin, Northumberland has something for everyone. Whether you are young or old, new to birdwatching and wildlife tours or already experienced, we will improve your chances of finding these beautiful creatures."

Good to know:

They also do astronomy experiences in the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park.

Contact them:

Where it is:

The Otter safaris are around Druridge.

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