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Serenity Farne Island Boat Tours

Seals, puffins and whales with boat crews who are passionate about wildlife.

What we like:

Highly recommended: superb customer service, well-informed commentary and personal attention to passengers to ensure everyone gets as much as possible out of the trip. With thousands of seals on the Farne islands, you're virtually guaranteed something to see. There are puffins aplenty. Whale watching trips have spotted minke and humpback whales and orca. Dolphins are regular visitors. These crews love their job and it shows.

In their own words:

"Serenity Farne Islands boat tours sail all year round to the Farne Islands, one of Britain’s most spectacular wildlife habitats! We offer different trips throughout the year from landings, photography trips, whale watching to ‘sail arounds’.
Our skippers are incredibly knowledgeable about the geography, history and the wildlife of the Farne Islands. We also have an on-board wildlife guide and we are happy to answer all your questions before, after and during our trips."

Good to know:

The Serenity boats sail all year round, though it's best to check ahead on weather conditions that sometimes limit landings on the islands. August/September for the best chance of whales. Winter for seal pups. Spring and early summer for puffins.

Where it is:

Contact them:

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