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The Eildon Hills: in the land of the elves.

A short but bracing walk taking in all three Eildon Hills and including the Roman signalling station on Eildon Hill North. It's also the largest Celtic hill fort in Scotland. And, legend has it, the entrance to the land of the elves. Which you don't find on most walks.

4.2 miles. 2 hours.

To find the start take the A6091 east past Melrose and turn off onto a minor road to the right at a sign for the Rhymer’s Stone. The path starts on the right of the road near an information board.

Head up a path between hedges and fencing and through a gate onto the hill. There are various paths but aim for the one heading straight up the side of the first hill, Eildon Hill North.

Follow the path down and then back up again to the summit of Eildon Mid Hill and then descend on the westerly path before turning sharply left and heading up the smallest of the three, Eildon Western Hill.

Descend down the path running east and then north and turn onto another path running through woodland parallel to the hill line. Cut back across and rejoin the outbound route.

Read more about the history.

Get the full route and GPX file here.

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