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The Guardian of Scotland

For centuries the place where William Wallace was proclaimed Guardian of Scotland remained a mystery. But it's a mystery no more.

In 1297 a Scottish hero arose: William Wallace.

Wallace had won a famous victory over an English army at Stirling Bridge.

The following year he was proclaimed Guardian of Scotland.

His heroics were celebrated in the movie Braveheart.

We know the ceremony took place at the Kirk o' the Forest. For centuries the location was lost.

But in 2016 archaeologists made a discovery: the original mediaeval church hidden beneath a Scottish Borders churchyard.

Today you can stand on the spot in Selkirk where Wallace became the champion of a nation in the ruins of the Auld Kirk south west of the Market Square.

The town's name Selkirk is thought to stem from the old Anglian word schelch - meaning forest - and circe, meaning church: the Kirk (the Scottish word for church) in the Forest.

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