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Relax. We've got your back...

The Five Turrets has teamed up with Down to Earth Health and therapist Rosemary Tarrant to offer a fabulous range of pampering treatments for guests. Go on - treat yourself.

In normal times the experienced complementary health specialist will set up her massage table wherever you like in the house. Looking to relax in front of a roaring fire? No problem. Or gazing out across the beautiful Ettrick Valley? We've got it covered. These are not normal times though, so although in house therapy is out for the moment, guests can still avail themselves of some of Rosemary's pampering techniques in her own fully-compliant studio a short walk away in the town centre.

Rosemary has put together a special range of packages for Five Turrets guests, with prices starting at £85 for a 50 minute session.

Here she offers a brief outline of each experience: for more details and to book please get in touch with her at Down to Earth Health in Selkirk on 07773 634 884 or

Hot Stone Fusion Massage

From £145 / 1 hour 40 minutes

From £85 / 50 minutes (not including arms/legs)

Quieten your mind, unravel persistent muscular tightness, relieve stress and discover lasting relaxation for mind and body. Release, let go and allow yourself just to be present with the heat and the oils in this full body massage. Slow, deep, rhythmic strokes using the stones within the massage brings a quiet strength and immersion to this quite unforgettable time.

Includes: Full body massage with hot stones ending with feet or hand massage to ensure your nerve endings finish soothed.

Deep Muscle Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

From £125 / 1 hour 20 minutes

From £85 / 50 minutes

Specialised massage and active stretching to alleviate deep-seated tension, restores comfort, suppleness and movement.

Includes: Myo-fascial & trigger point techniques, tailored to your needs balm, focusing on areas of concern. With or without hot stones. Finishes with a sacrum stretch.

Mindful Massage

£145 / 1 hour 40 minutes

Soothe away stress with a tranquillity blend of oils. Allow the body and mind to drift whilst the neck, face & décolletage is gently and sensitively stroked and unwound. The back & sacrum are deeply & therapeutically released. Guided breathing and visualisation releases physical and emotional tension, relaxes the mind and restores a positive spirit. Long deep work into thighs and calves allow muscular tension to be further released. Finish with stretches deep into the small and much worked muscles of the feet.

Includes: Breath work and visualisation, massage to zones of the feet, body massage and scalp with warm Rose Quartz Crystals.

Stress Buster Balance

From £125 / 1 hour 20 minutes

From £85 / 50 minutes

A real mind and body balance, working on the head, neck, occiput and jaw. Cranial release, focussed massage techniques, breath work, cerebro-spinal fluid and gentle holding points restores balance and well-being. This is a powerful and restorative session and can be transformative. Especially effective for people who find it difficult to speak about emotional stresses.

Includes: temporal mandibular joint balance, passive stretching and cranial release.

Strength & Suppleness Massage

£125 / 1 hour 20 minutes

£85 / 50 minutes

Transform mind and body, release muscular and joint tension, allow the breath to release the joint spaces of your shoulders and hips, rediscover a wider range of movement. A sense of wellbeing often accompanies this release from liberated injury trauma or emotions.

Active stretching, deep muscle massage and the breath help stimulate your immune system through the movement of blood and lymph to boost your energy levels. Emerge feeling stronger and more resilient.

Includes: active stretching, back & hip massage, neck stretches and sinus release.

Chakra Balance

From £125 / 1 hour 20 minutes

Balancing the chakras is a gentle and energetic way to restore your body’s natural energy. Blocked energy in the chakras can lead to low energy or even illness. Using directional flow to balance, associated crystals, essential oils, musical notes and mantra will return them to their rightful flow. A small crystal will be given to remind you to focus and pay attention to that area of your energetic body. Minor chakras are balanced as well as the 7 major chakras. An auric massage and grounding with a rose, clear or smokey quartz will complete this peaceful time.

Includes: crystals, musical notes, mantras combine to bring clarity and corrected energy flow.

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