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The Reivers Road | Self drive audio trails

Drive and discover the stories of the Borderlands.

What we like:

Five excellent self-drive audio storytelling tours, all easily accessible from The Five Turrets, with a discount for our guests. Learn about the bloodthirsty Border Reivers, sorcerers, witches, stone circles, giants, kings and queens.

In their own words:

"Join us on our innovative storytelling trails across The Borders! Along the six trails you will be introduced to witches and wizards, kings and queens, villains, poets, and of course the notorious Reivers. All these ghosts of our past are brought to life by a guide from history or legend with a tale of their own to tell; they will also explain the landscape and the stories that belong there."

Good to know:

The best way to enjoy the tours is to get the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Where it is:

Five routes: two start from Selkirk. The others go from Peebles (21 miles, 40 mins), Hawick (11 miles, 17 mins) and Kelso (19 miles, 30 mins).

Contact them:

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