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Sawday’s: inspected and selected

We’re quite chuffed to have been selected to feature in Alastair Sawday’s guide to the world’s best - and quirkiest - places to stay.

Alastair Sawday is a legend in the travel industry; his guides have helped connect discerning travellers with high-quality accommodation for a quarter of a century.

"We meet people, we find special places and we share them with everyone looking for something that breaks the bland mould which so much modern accommodation seems to be printed from."

"We still look for authenticity, warmth and character, places that embody the slow life and where hours of love have been poured into the tiniest detail to create those simple, personal joys that make something truly special."

And that's exactly what their inspector found when she came to call this week:

"A fabulous house, full of quirky and colourful furnishings and decor - beautiful handwoven wall hangings by owner Carolynn Shaw and photography by owner Gethin Chamberlain - great sense of space in the kitchen/dining/sitting area with vaulted celing and mezzanine library area - the perfect house to chill and enjoy the company of friends."
Mary, Sawday's inspector Feb 2019

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